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Transportation, as one of the most prominent pillars of social 
and economic progress and development, plays a very important role
 in connecting regions and countries with each other.
 This vast industry, by providing effective and advanced
 transportation infrastructure, makes it possible to further 
facilitate the transfer of goods, passengers, 
and services, and plays an important role 
in the flow of trade, cultural exchanges, 
and social interactions.

In this section, we examine and explain the concept of transportation, its importance in economic and social development, and the challenges and opportunities of this fundamental industry. Our main goal is to provide a comprehensive look at the issue of transportation and provide accurate and scientific analyzes that will help officials and policymakers to use the capacities and facilities of transportation optimally and manage the challenges of this industry in an intelligent way. In addition, we examine the types of transportation, including road, rail, air, and sea transportation, their environmental and economic effects, and the development of modern transportation infrastructure. Also, we pay attention to the importance of creating smart transportation systems and using new technologies to optimize the transportation of goods and passengers.


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