TASA team members

Atef Vahidi

Atef Vahidi is the senior consultant of TASA Management Group in the development of business processes in digital transformation.
 He has 34 years of experience in IT companies; In the first 10 years, his focus was on ERP and industrial process analysis, 
and in the second decade, he entered the field of software management and managed the analysis, development, training, deployment and support teams of ERP systems.

In the third decade, he focused on ensuring the quality and integrity of organizational processes and managing national projects and 
believes that the move towards digital transformation is inevitable and the implementation of digital transformation
 projects should be localized with the aim of agility.
He also believes that Iran's digital transformation environment has an uncertain future and the fate of ISO will follow, 
because everyone is looking for a label called a revolutionary organization. Methodology, agility and localization are his main concerns.

In his career, he has a history of establishing and setting up educational institutions with the aim of strengthening courses
 related to software and hardware and developing systems, and he is currently playing a role as a consultant for the digital transformation of industries.

Atef believes that for the survival of the industry in Iran, it is necessary to get out of the current mirage of digital transformation
 and its monopolization, taking into account the pastel factors. He is creative and creative. He is a graduate of Applied Mathematics
 from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, has an MBA in Executive Management and a DBA. Atef is married and has one child.

Zhila Mehdi Aghaei

Zila Mehdi Aghaei 
is the senior consultant of TASA Management Group in sustainable development with an environmental approach.

Jila is a consultant and idea developer in the field of environmental education. 
He has 28 years of undergraduate and macro management experience in the fields of education,
 public participation and sustainable development of the environment.

 In the first 20 years, his focus was planning and designing environmental education, 
and in the third decade, he was in charge of consulting and managing the environmental education and social participation, 
and with the experiences gained in the first two decades, new environmental educations,
 applied research and It has developed an environment-based economy.
Comparative studies, the transfer of international experiences, indirect training,
 the application of successful experiences of social participation, and of course the development of environmental human resources,
 for the realization of the country's sustainable development, are among his main concerns.

In his career, he has expertise, consultancy,
 general manager and deputy of environmental protection organization. 
His main expertise is management and planning of environmental education and sustainable development.

Jila believes that the condition of survival of any type of economic, 
social and even cultural activity in the future of the country depends on the realization of sustainable development.
 He has a bachelor's degree in biology and an MBA in executive management. Zila is married and has one child.

Reyhane Mahjoobrad

Rehane Mahjubrad

is a senior data analysis expert of TASA Management Group.

she has 10 years of experience in data analysis in various fields,

including online and smart businesses. With a master’s degree in industrial engineering,

she helps small and large companies in the field of data management and business intelligence implementation

so that they can use the data stored in different business platforms in the best way and make data-driven decisions.

she specializes in the field of human resource data analysis, sales and marketing, and in this regard,

she has collaborated with well-known companies, including Petropars, SNAP, and Hormozgan Steel.

In order to transfer her experience and knowledge, Rehane also works as a business intelligence instructor with Microsoft Power BI

and teaches in MBA and DBA courses of Tehran University, Business and Business Institute, Atiye Iranian and Tehran Technic Complex.