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Years of consulting and implementation work experience in various industries inside the country has made the importance of transformation to improve Iran’s economic and political position in the world more clear than ever. Therefore, the group of revolutionaries of the future industry, with decades of experience interacting with the key needs of the industry, its strengths and improveable points, and examining different development paths, was born in order to help Iran’s industry to leapfrog and progress and is one of the most important foundations of balanced growth and provide stable; A growth that requires the presence of a strong and comprehensive consulting company that not only accompanies organizations in planning and implementation, but also empowers managers and employees for the next steps. As a strategic partner, we provide these facilities to our customers.

How will accompanying the fourth wave of industry lead to an economic leap?

In the upcoming report, the study team of transformation makers have examined the countries that, by accompanying the fourth wave of industry, have been able to overcome their economic gap with the advanced countries of the world in its various dimensions and have made a special place for themselves in the international space.

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