well being at work

Well-being in the workplace is known today as one of the key factors in the attractiveness and sustainability of organizations. Creating an optimal and positive atmosphere for employees, improving mental and physical health, valuing the balance between work and life, and creating opportunities for career growth and advancement is effective in attracting talents and increasing productivity in business.

In this section, we examine and explain the concept of well-being in the workplace, its importance for organizations and employees, and its role in creating a healthy organizational culture. Our main goal in this section is to provide a comprehensive look at the issue of well-being in the workplace and provide detailed and scientific analyzes that will help managers and business owners to implement the best welfare strategies and policies in their organization.

In addition, in this section, the effective factors in creating well-being in the workplace, including improving the physical and social conditions of the workplace, providing promotional and educational facilities, creating work-life balance programs, evaluating and following up the health of employees, and encouraging participation and active presence in We make decisions.

well being at work papers

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